On one of our food adventures, we decided to take the trip to Applecross to spontaneously try out Nic and Kolo for the first time. What we loved about this place is that it is very personal. On the day we went, we chatted to the lovely owner of the shop who was kind and […]

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Every day of my working life, I walk past a line of cafes on Rokeby Road, Subiaco. Strangely enough, I have not set foot in any one of them. Well, it wouldn’t help if you’re always running late for work or finishing late. Let’s face it, this is Perth, where people are afraid of the night so cafes have to close before the sunlight runs out. So one fine sunny Saturday, my girlfriend and I decided to journey to Rokeby Road and conquer the all cafes there! Okay… We cafe-hopped to three of them.

Here is the summary of the cafes we rocked up to by Rokeby.

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We were walking down the streets in the heart of Fremantle and we stumbled upon this vibrant looking house… Turns out it was a cafe! In the name of spontaneity, plus we were cold and hungry, we decided to give this place a go. Oh, and if you decide to brunch Yocally too (wink wink), you won’t miss this place – walk down the street where the Millennium Hoyts cinema is and to your right, you’ll find this unique little cafe with a quirky sign “Yocal“.

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