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A little late to the party – there are a whole heap of videos, articles and posts about the waterproof capability of the Samsung S7 series of phones out there; plus, the S8 is launching in a few months’ time – but whatever, I’m still writing this. I’ve read and watched a good number of reviews online, and I know the facts and figures Samsung mentioned on the Samsung S7 Edge “water-resistance Ingress Protection rating means your device is completely protected against dust, and it is water-resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes (that is just little over 1.5 meters ).”  A month ago during our holiday in the Philippines, I got to try this out first-hand.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Underwater

I chickened out at the start. I mean for a good portion of our smartphone lives, we have always kept our devices as far away as possible from any body of water including the toilet bowl. It is just so counterintuitive to use your smartphone in the water. But I eventually gave in and trusted our almighty Samsung overloads. Here are a couple of the short videos we took during our time in the water:

This was at a pool in the condominium we stayed in Pasay City, near Mall of Asia. It took several tries to record a video – first of all, the touchscreen does not work while submerged. So, we had to use either a timer or the volume buttons to start recording. Sometimes, the video would just randomly stop recording too – well, try again! Aside from that, I found no issues. Gave my phone a good wipe and it was working as normal. However, the speakers did sound muffled but once it dried, it was all good.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in salt water

The pool clip wasn’t enough, however.
If you say something is water-resistant, I’m taking to sea. We went to Puerto Galera and it had the perfect conditions to take this bad boy for a test. Saltwater, submerged for about a meter in constant motion and for a longer period of time. This was the first time Josie and I went snorkeling and we were amazed by the experience – we had to capture it somehow:

After our little adventure I washed my S7 Edge with fresh water just to make sure salt didn’t remain inside the phone. I must say that I am impressed and very satisfied with the quality of the video clip. The power of full high definition shot at 60fps in the palm of your hands, it was pretty much saving the exact memory in that device. And fast forward one month, I still have a perfectly working smartphone.


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