Hello! This is the first post I’ve done in a while and also the first blog post of 2017. Of course, I had to post the classic “new year, new me” thing and this is it. I think it’s healthy to make goals and resolutions for the year. Even if you end up totally forgetting about them a month or two later.

I’ve made some new goals for 2017 and better yet, I’m already working my way to achieving them and I can already see how they are changing my lifestyle and my mindset! So to see my 2017 lifestyle changes, keep on reading!


This is the biggest change I’ve made in my life for 2017. I decided that I need to keep up some form of physical activity because it is extremely good for your health. Traditional exercise isn’t for me and so when I discovered the benefits of yoga, I knew that this is my alternative. Yoga apparently has some healing benefits for your body. It also helps you to ground yourself in the morning and set your body and mind up for the rest of the day. I find that it helps me to be more in the present moment and I can set clearer goals for my day.

I’ve committed to running twice a week. Since completing my first week, I feel great. Sure, my muscles are pretty sore, but that’s normal. My body is not used to this kind of physical activity. I run with my best friend who I’m glad I have a running buddy who can keep me accountable and motivate me to get up and run on the days we schedule to run.


I’m a Christian and for me, devotion time is important to me. It’s time where I can sit by myself in stillness. My devotion time includes sitting down and reading my daily devotion on the Bible app, meditating on the scriptures for that day, journaling my thoughts and whatever the scriptures are speaking to me. I take time to pray and worship God.

Ever since I started really committing to daily devotions and actually enjoying it rather than feeling like I have to do it everyday, I feel so much more calm and focused. Not only that, I feel my bond with God beginning to mend and strengthen.


This is a more outward change in my lifestyle. I’ve recognised the importance of taking care of your skin, rather than slathering tons of makeup all over it. I’ve developed a morning and evening skincare routine that has been working wonders on my skin. It’s brighter, clearer and I feel like I don’t even need to wear as much makeup anymore.

There you have it! Three things I’ve changed in my life for 2017. What changes have you made this year?


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