Every day of my working life, I walk past a line of cafes on Rokeby Road, Subiaco. Strangely enough, I have not set foot in any one of them. Well, it wouldn’t help if you’re always running late for work or finishing late. Let’s face it, this is Perth, where people are afraid of the night so cafes have to close before the sunlight runs out. So one fine sunny Saturday, my girlfriend and I decided to journey to Rokeby Road and conquer the all cafes there! Okay… We cafe-hopped to three of them.

Here is the summary of the cafes we rocked up to by Rokeby.




First stop, breakfast. We needed fuel to get this day going and I think we picked a good place to start. Along the start of Rokeby Road is this compact cafe decorated with classic vintage design – checkered floor with a patterned wallpaper. The look of this place drew us in. We sat down on these antique-styled chairs with olden-looking wooden tables. It felt like we were transported to the old English era, and through a window we watch modern people walk past. Despite being a relatively tight space, setting and ambience was well on the good side!

I ordered this thick American bacon topped with melted cheese and egg cooked sunny-side up that came with avocados and tomato relish. Not a big fan of avocados (I know – how could I hate such a gift for my mouth? Josie has tried to convince me), this green abomination went straight to Josie’s plate faster than a speeding ticket. It was presented cleanly on my plate; however, it did take quite a while to be served to me and they did get my initial order wrong. One mistake, so I won’t hold it against them.

Honestly, the serving was a bit smaller than what I would have liked but as I started to devour the dish, it filled me. So, serving size satisfied. The bacon and cheese went very well together and even more so dipping it in the tomato relish. The egg wasn’t cooked perfectly (I think it just overstayed its welcome on the pan) but it was more than good enough to warrant a positive response from my taste buds. Washed down with a good smooth yet strong latte at a temperature that I approve.


I loved this place for its abundance of green plants, creative-looking food and classic, gorgeous plates and tea-ware. This cafe is a total eyecatcher because of the handmade sign at the front and the beautiful green plants. JR and I got a seat by the window so we got a lot of light and fresh air. One other thing that caught my eye about the design of the place was the marble accent at the ordering counter – I am a lover for all things marble!

I was feeling like something sweet on this morning and ordered a waffle/pancake dish (the picture below). It was almost too sweet, covered in pretty flowers and icing sugar! It was a delicious meal, and despite it looking like a small serving, it was very filling and thanks to the avocado that JR so passionately despises, I had a little break from all the sweetness.







I absolutely had no say in this. Insider information, this would be the perfect way to abduct Josie. They have created a black hole that would suck her in every time. Ever since this unique cafe opened up earlier in the year, Josie kept purr-suading me… “GAAAHHH! CATS AND COFFEE! WE HAVE TO GO! PAW-LEASE” I finally gave in and agreed to take her. Needless to say she was looking fur-ward to this meowment.

I was pretty much reduced to a bag-keeper, photographer and a walking cup holder that followed her around on her quest to pet and photograph every cat in the lounge. There were about nine cats in total while we were there. Even though I would rate their desserts and beverage as your average cafe quality, the concept of sipping your coffee with all these furry creatures running around you being cute and adorable makes this cafe a standout! We were also greeted and served with hosts with such pawsitive catitude. The lounge had enough space to accommodate 10 people hourly. Make sure you book your tickets before you come just to make sure there are slots left for you. You can easily book this online and find out more here.

We spent a full hour here and we left feline good!


This place was too cute to resist! All those little furbabies and the prospect of having a cup of tea of coffee while petting the cute little creatures? Irresistible. An absolute dream come true. We were lucky to get a booking into this place. On a lovely Sunday afternoon we headed down to Rokeby to hang with the cats. It’s surprisingly popular, but I guess Perth was due for an update like this. Other countries have animal cafes, so why can’t we?

I ordered a cup of my favourite tea – English Breakfast – before we went on inside the cat area. You have to take your shoes off and sanitise your hands before you go in there, just for the safety of the cats but after that, you’re good to go! I could’ve stayed in there for hours watching the cats play and sleep. They were all so tiny! There were two very gorgeous twin cats that were white, with multicoloured eyes. So gorgeous!

I will definitely be coming back here again, hopefully to see more cats!








Close your eyes and picture what I am about to tell you. Wait, no, you can’t read otherwise. All right, read this and tell me if you get that feeling of unspeakable joy. A chocolate milkshake, crowned with a Nutella hazelnut chocolate filled donut, topped with cream and hazelnut bits and wrapped with Nutella hazelnut chocolate with crushed hazelnuts. I thought these were the things of myths and legends. It’s real, people.

Appropriately enough, we capped off the three cafe course day by sating the calling of our sweet tooth. And, oh boy, did we ever! Whisk Creamery is a must-go dessert cafe. This is dessert paradise right here – that feeling of a kid in candy store. But on steroids. Cafes on Rokeby Road seem to have limited room, like how my donut was jam-packed with chocolate so is the cafe with people. Similar to McDonald’s big touchscreens where you place your order, they have tablets stuck to the walls of the cafe which are quite responsive and user friendly. You could probably spend a lot of time on these machines because you could create your very own custom dessert. So technically, the dessert menu is endless…  Josie will tell you more of how she exercised her freedom to create a dessert she calls her own. The price on these desserts could be on the pricier end, but hey, I think it’s worth it every once in awhile.



This place is an amazing dessert place. If you are looking to really indulge in a very sweet dessert, come here! It’s a pretty small place, so you’ve got to get in quick! They have some of the most unique desserts I have ever seen. I mean, did you see that milkshake JR described?!

Unlike JR, I wanted to make my own dessert. My dessert is the one with the strawberries on it in the image above. Basically, my dessert was this pastry thing, filled with two icecreams of my choice, topped with whipped cream and strawberries. Not as overloaded with sweetness as JR’s dessert, instead, a perfect balance between fresh and sweet! I absolutely adored it.


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