Happy first day of spring, everyone! (Or Autumn, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere?)

It’s no secret to many of the people I know that I am a huge fan of the minimalist style of living, in particular, the aesthetic of it. There’s something so satisfying about a blank, white room with only a couple of things on display (AlthoughI do question where these people put all their stuff).

You can add minimalism into many areas of your life. Some people like to go all the way and make minimalism a lifestyle – one person I look up to who truly lives up to a minimalist lifestyle and is passionate about, is Jenny Mustard. She has a beautiful minimal-style blog and I always look forward to her YouTube videos. While I don’t think I love minimalism to the point where I could make it a complete lifestyle just yet, I do add it into my life in small ways.

What speaks to me is the stylistic element of minimalism. The blank space, the simplistic and clean look. They say that a cluttered room can create a cluttered and unhappy state of mind and I  believe that is absolutely true. When my desk, my room, my digital spaces, etc. are clean,  I feel more relaxed and I am able to think clearly and do things more efficiently.



The other day, I became inspired to take a few out of my day to clean my room, particularly this space you see in the picture above. This area tends to become my dumping ground for almost anything I use and am too lazy to put back in its proper place right away. But because this is the space I see the most when I enter my room, I knew I needed this to be as minimal as possible. The image above is the after shot of the cleaning I did. I am so satisfied and happy with the way it turned out.



My bedroom is the first place I want to try to carry out some minimalism into my life because it is where I spend 90% of my time studying, sleeping, reading and even eating sometimes (woops). I secretly am lusting over these taupe quilt and pillow set for my bed – I can see it fitting in amazingly with the style I want to create – one day Josie, one day!


Something that is simple and easy to do is include minimalism in my lifestyle through accessories. Things like phone cases, journals, watches, jewellery, etc. This watch in the image below, I received from my lovely boyfriend for my birthday and it is one of the accessories that I love for its minimalistic look. Watches never appealed to me until I saw these from Rosefield.


I also really love minimal phone cases. A site that I love to look at for minimalist style phone cases is a phone case selling site called The Dairy. Their marble collection is beautiful!


Now, if there is anything that I don’t apply to my minimalism, its books. I would happily have my home flooded with books everywhere – of course, in a sort of ordered chaos. A popular book with many people who are minimalist or practice being minimal in some way, love this book:


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

If you’re someone who wants to start cleaning up their space, or you want to learn how these people who call themselves minimalists keep their homes so dang clean and empty all the time, this is possibly a good book to check out. I still need to get around to reading this too – soon, soon!

Are you a minimalist?

Have you ever considered trying out a minimalistic style/lifestyle?


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