I think one of the most common things we struggle with in life today is our own identities. We struggle with coming to terms with who are as a person. Our minds get cluttered with everyday life things, so many things to aspire to that we can’t decide what to do. Throughout high school and even now, I struggle with this. I’m always finding inspiration in something and then get motivated to do it, until something new comes along and I forget about what I wanted to do before.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a makeup artist. I thought it was amazing that I could find this sense of joy in doing makeup. It felt like I was creating art and that was an awesome thought for me. I thought to myself that I would graduate from high school, go to beauty school and get a diploma and from there, I would start my life as a makeup artist or a skin care therapist, either freelancing or in an industry/business. Then, I found my passion for writing.

I realised that makeup was just a hobby and that writing was where my passion really resided. I could immerse myself in books and could write about any idea that popped into my brain. But now, I struggle sometimes. Is this just another hobby? Is something else going to pop up that will cause me to forget all about this? Now that I am in university, studying my Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Publishing and Creative Writing, it’s much more of a fear than a struggle. I don’t want to come out of my degree, finding out that I wasted it all because it was actually just a hobby that I really enjoyed.

So when I read my Bible devotion this morning, I was given a new sense of inspiration for my life. The devotion focused on Solomon and his accounts in the book of Ecclesiastes. In Ecclesiastes 2, he recounts his realisation of the meaninglessness of his life’s efforts. The realisation that all he has done on this Earth is a passing of the wind because once he dies, that’s it. The devotion asked: What is your legacy? When you look back on your life, what do you see that you are leaving behind? What impact have you made through the life you have been given? This opened my eyes and I felt the need to share it with you all.


In simpler terms: what are you leaving behind that will make an impact once you die? It’s when you have a realisation like Solomon did, that your life is meaningless, that everything you do is pointless, that you fall into that dreaded pit of depression and hopelessness. Taking some time to focus on the bigger things is a liberating experience. Constantly I find myself doubting whether I have the ability to make a difference in the world. It can be hard to focus on your legacy and it can also be dangerous – but I believe it is an important part of becoming more satisfied with where you are and where you will go in your life.


The word “legacy” itself suggests big things. But I think you shouldn’t be afraid to see your legacy as something big. Maybe you see yourself impacting millions of people through speaking words of life into people. Or maybe you see yourself traveling around the world to the poorest countries, to give those people better lives. God created us on purpose and with intention, to follow on to do greater things than Jesus did – he said it to his disciples. I’m encouraged to think big and aspire for great things whenever I read John 15:5: “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me, you can do nothing“. If God created this whole universe and Jesus healed the sick and raised people from the dead, why should we limit ourselves – the masterpieces of God’s creation?


It’s amazing how important the small things matter. A simple smile to someone, a small kind deed for a stranger can make all the difference in someone’s life. Doing the small, tedious or what may seem insignificant in your life, may be the stepping stone towards the greater vision you have for your life. I want to be an amazing pianist, but that’s not going to happen unless I take the time to spend an hour or more every day to practice – even if it is repetitive and sometimes frustrating.


Through the devotion I read this morning, I am inspired to discover my legacy. I don’t think there’s a formula for it. Everyone is going to find their legacy a different way. The struggle for me is first, where to start without feeling too overwhelmed or blowing myself way out of the water to the point where my vision is way too unachievable.

  • Think about some of the things that move you to compassion: what are some things that pull on your heartstrings and make you passionate to see a better world?
  • Write down a list of the things you are good at or things that you love doing: your hobbies could well be a vessel for your legacy to work through – don’t ignore them
  • Reflect on things in your life things in your life that may be crowding up room in your mind for that legacy of yours – take time to declutter

It can be hard to live contentedly with Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord”, because we always want to be in control and know where our lives our headed. I’m learning to open my heart to let God search me and fill me with the desires of my heart that align with his plans for me. It’s already there inside me, all I need to do is get a bit of help from God to tease those hidden parts of his masterpiece out of me.




  1. This is beautiful post Josie, and one that is definitely inspiring. My own journey has had a lot of ups and downs – and I’m still not quite there yet. My passion is Sociology and social justice, but there is no career for me there. My hobby is reading. The profession that I want to pursue is Psychology. I feel a bit fragmented at times, but am trying to view it differently – maybe I have many parts of myself?

    Now that I am working, keeping up with my passion is harder. I don’t have texts and research available to me that I can read at my leisure. Work consumes so much time and you’re exhausted after, so I turn inward into my hobby – which is fine by me but I wonder how much it is consuming my life. Psychology is a very difficult field to get into – you’re either an academic or you practice, and neither are easy. It’s competitive, difficult, and intense. I applied last year for a program I wanted to get into but didn’t get in. It was a real blow. But, I am trying to remain optimistic, because eventually they’ll have to accept me.

    Anyway – I’m planning to return to study next year. The job I am at now has nothing left for me, so I am going to move on and take risks, even if its scary. So, to end this, hopefully I will carve my legacy soon. If not, I’ll keep trying.

    1. Our lives are on a constant journey of comfortable, flat ground and difficult high mountains, it’s just a matter of persevering and continually being focused and mindful! Some days it can be hard, I agree, to find some clear direction. I think many people struggle with that study vs. hobby and how to fit it in to a job one day.

      I know the struggle with keeping up with a passion while also working – I have to deal with that too. I wanted to study Psychology for a while, it sounds really interesting! If you’re passionate about it and it makes you excited, I’d say keep going! No matter how many times you’ll have to try and fail and continue that cycle. We only have one lief to live, so let’s live it for the things that make us excited and passionate.

      I really am hoping you get to where you want to be soon enough! I’m rooting for you, all the way! Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is the way to making a change in your life. Good luck! xx

  2. I love this post so much and I feel like it’s exactly what I need right now! Lately I’ve been feeling quite lost about which direction I’m meant to be going in and lost in trying to figure out God’s plans for me, but maybe I need to stop overthinking everything and just let it be? Wonderful post!

    1. It’s great that this is relevant for you, Kyra. Definitely overthinking and focusing on the future can leave you feeling a bit lost and confused. I would agree that we need to take a step back from thinking and just live in the moment that we have right now. 😊

      1. Wow this is absolutely Awesome 👍and very well said. I Love how you have shared your heart to help inspire and encourage us all. It’s amazing watching how God unfolds your gifts and talents.
        I’m so blessed and inspired by you 😀 Great work 👍Love you lots beautiful amazingly awesome Joshie Xxx 😘❤️😘❤️

  3. I definitely struggle with this all the time. My hobby is very different to my profession, and sometimes I wonder, is this what I’m destined to do in life? Is there more to life than this? I definitely think life is not meant to be static, circumstances change and things happen that can take a turn. Great post Josie!

    1. Definitely. It’s such a struggle sometimes. But I guess once we find something that resonates in our hearts and makes us excited, we can eliminate that fear a bit.
      Thank you, Jeann!

  4. This was such a fantastic post, I absolutely loved every word of it. And it was much needed for me to read that these days, so thank you. It is so, so hard sometimes to figure out who we really are, what we want, and especially are meant to do in this life, and find out what motivates us, what drives us, really, every single day. I am always doing my best to find meaning in every day, though it gets hard when you are feeling stuck and looking forward to new things is getting hard when you see yourself going nowhere in the following weeks. This sounds kind of depressing ahah it is not, sorry, I just needed to write this down I guess? I really am the kind of person that needs purpose, things to look forward to, whether it’s travelling, seeing people again or anything, just to drive me through the days and make things better than just, average. I’d love to know where I am headed, but yes, sometimes we just have to take things one day at a time.

    1. I’m glad this helped you out! I totally understand what you mean, it’s great to just get it all out like this sometimes. I also find it hard when there isn’t something I’m looking forward to – I start to question what I’m doing here when that happens. That’s why I wrote this post! So that we can always look back to a better, motivating place when we are feeling stuck and a little bit purposeless!
      Sometimes we just need to live in the moment – and just be mindful of now and where we are right now. 😊

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