It’s the end of another month and we are already well into the second half of the year – I can’t believe it. It really does seem like the older I get, time moves quicker. Anyway, I thought that since it’s the end of the month and the start of a new one, I’d share some of my favourite beauty products from July.


Winter is in full swing, which means my skin needs some major TLC. This Green Tea Seed Serum by Innisfree has done wonders for my skin. It’s a lightweight and watery formula that sinks right into my skin. I can tell that my skin drinks up all the moisture and the nutrients, leaving my skin soft and looking radiant in the morning. This serum has been a definite go-to for me in July!


Continuing on the hydration train, I have been in love with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line, and their water gel moisturiser is my latest obsession. Once again, it is lightweight and sinks right into my skin, leaving no grease or shine behind. Plus, it smells divine – kind of like spa products. Although it’s not a heavy moisturiser, it sure packs a punch in the hydration department.


For those days that I sleep in and can’t be bothered doing a complex make up look with eyeshadow (all that blending can take a while), I like to whip out this baby and create a winged liner, perfect to look put together without much effort – although I will say that winged liner takes a lot of practice and a lot of holding your breathMaybelline’s Master Precise Liquid Liner is amazing for a quick winged liner look because it has a unique felt-tip applicator, kind of like a very thin paintbrush saturated in black ink which makes it very easy to apply. This is a product perfect for those of you who are winged-liner beginners.

IMG_8903 IMG_8904

I’ve been paying a lot more attention to my eyebrows lately and I decided to move away from powders into gels to fill them in. So I decided to pick up the Colourpop Eyebrow Gel in Dope Taupe and I am loving it. It’s not too dark and not too light and it’s very creamy and smooth. It’s easy to apply, plus it dries fairly quickly too! Did I also mention that it is extremely affordable? $6.00! What a bargain! I apply it with an angled eyebrow brush from Zoeva.

IMG_8909 IMG_8912

Another Colourpop product. Obviously I’m on a love spree for Colourpop and their products. This is their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bianca, which is a beautiful dusty rose on my pale skin. It applies like a dream and dries down to a completely matte finish. It’ll stay on all day, whether you’re eating or drinking too, however, if you’re eating oily food it is very prone to wiping off. I’ve been wearing it almost every day.

That is all I have for you in my Beauty Summary this month. I’ve been loving a good balance of skin care and makeup products. What products have you been loving/obsessed with in the month of July? 

– Josephine xoxo


  1. Those two colorpop products look gorgeous! And they’re so cheap! I’ve never used anything by them, but I might have to check those out. Also, would you say the hydro boost is good for oily skin? I noticed you said it doesn’t feel like it leaves anything behind, but I’m not sure what your skin type is.

    1. Colourpop is such a great and affordable brand! I’m loving it, and their eyeshadows are very pigmented.
      I would say it would be good for oily skin, yes! It absorbs so well and is very lightweight because it is water-based.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try a new night time moisturiser or serum for a while because I’m finding that the one I’ve been using for years and years isn’t really moisturising enough for winter, even with a serum underneath. Also I love green tea skincare products so will definitely check out the Innisfree one. Do you usually order yours online?

    1. What’s your skin type? Depending on your skin type, the type of moisturiser you get will be different.
      The Innisfree green tea serum is actually so good! I order it online, yes, because they don’t sell it anywhere where I live. 😊

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