Morgan Rhodes has left me completely breathless and anxious for the next book in the Falling Kingdoms series after this action-packed fourth book in the series: Frozen Tides.


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For all of you who maybe haven’t read the series, or just want a quick review of the book, here’s my summary of Frozen Tides, which by the way, I adored.

I love the fantasy genre. I love magic and epic adventures (so it’s no wonder that I am a Lord of the Rings fan). Frozen Tides satisfied this hunger for magic and adventure. While it’s probably not as great as some of my other beloved book series – such as the Throne of Glass series – it was enjoyable.

My thought after finishing this book was: WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE BEING RELEASED?! Up until this fourth book, there was a build up in anticipation of what was going to happen to all of the characters. Their lives seem to come and merge together in this book, as all their desires and hopes somehow link them to one another despite their differences and their disagreements. This made the multiple-POV aspect of this book work really well. Sometimes you can tell that a book seriously does not need so many POVs, but in Frozen Tides, no POV was unnecessary. In such a big world with a large plot like this, I felt like I’d plunged right into the action and I knew exactly what was going on without knowing what was going to happen next. Unlikely alliances surprised me along with long-awaited romances (squeal!) and there were many moments that left me nervously chewing on my fingernails. We also got to step outside the shores of Mytica and into the shores of Kraeshia, which was a whole new avenue of action, deceit, lies, revenge and betrayal. This was definitely another step up in the series and I can’t wait for even more drama and twists that are to come in the next book. (I wants it now!)



As I mentioned, I loved the multiple-POVs. For this book to work as well as it does, it needs all the POVs and every single character who we meet and live through their eyes are great and have their own distinct personalities, goals and motives that depending on whose shoes I was in, made me feel differently about certain situations in the book.

The relationships that formed between the characters were my favourite. I was hit with unexpected alliances (as I also mentioned earlier) and a romance that I have been personally waiting for the past three books! I have a soft spot for romance that blooms from distrust and mutual hatred to an intense love – it never fails to make my heart squeeze. It was a mix of frustrating and exhilarating.

Plot-wise, the story is really beginning to unravel into something bigger, of a wider scope. There’s so much going on, so many factors that are going to determine the future of not just the characters, but of the world that they live in.

Frozen Tides is a 4-star, exciting fantasy/adventure novel that builds up on character relationships and a complex plot, with a fair amount of surprises along the way. If you haven’t already read the Falling Kingdoms series, you should consider it (because it’s great, seriously.)

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– Josephine xo

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  1. JOSIEEEE I FOUND YOUUUU!!! Okay, firstly, love this website, loooove it. Second of all, YOU AND YOUR BOYFRIEND ARE RUNNING A BLOG TOGETHER THAT IS THE GOAL OF MY EVERTHING MY WORD YOU TWO ARE AMAZING. Third of all, Morgan Rhodes’ books are so addicting. Even when they’re technically and critically mehhhehehe not the best but whatever BECAUSE I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Anyways. Love the blog, love the post, love the everything

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