We were walking down the streets in the heart of Fremantle and we stumbled upon this vibrant looking house… Turns out it was a cafe! In the name of spontaneity, plus we were cold and hungry, we decided to give this place a go. Oh, and if you decide to brunch Yocally too (wink wink), you won’t miss this place – walk down the street where the Millennium Hoyts cinema is and to your right, you’ll find this unique little cafe with a quirky sign “Yocal“.


What I loved instantly about this place is that it looks like a home. It has a completely unique vibe to it and it seems very organic with all the many plants around the outside. When you walk in, you’re greeted with a gorgeous hallway decorated with little bits and pieces that give it that personalized feel.

We didn’t sit outside on this day, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it, because as you’ll come to know, I have a slight obsession with pretty plants in interior spaces. I really liked the wooden chairs and tables along with the hanging plants and various other greens. On a warm summer day, it would be perfect to sit out here. But if we did choose to sit outside on a cold, winter rainy day, it would have been all right because there’s a heater and a covering to keep the rain and cold out.

The little details I enjoyed. Things hung up around the place such as pictures drawn by children, polaroid pictures strung up, the sugar and cutlery holders.


And of course, I can’t forget to make a comment on the food – which, by the way, was delicious! I was surprised at how nice the food was. I ordered a Potato Latke (I had no idea what this was at the time of ordering) and JR ordered a classic breakfast dish. We also ordered a pot of tea to share between us. I couldn’t hold back my gasp as I looked at my food in awe – as you can see in the image, the presentation of our food was fabulous. I kind of didn’t want to eat it because it was so pretty, but I’ll always have this picture to remind me. I enjoyed every inch of my meal, from the runny poached eggs, to the crunchy bacon, to the potato latke (which I found out is also known as a potato pancake). I’d never had a potato latke, but I enjoyed it. JR enjoyed it too! The tea was a great drink to go alongside our brunch.


The moment I walked in, I felt warm and cosy… It’s the kind of feeling that you get you visit your granny for brunch – knowing that you will be fed to the full. So full it could last you an entire nuclear winter. Anyway, being the man that I am, the obvious choice on the menu is the big brekky. It’s no ordinary big brekky, it’s Billy’s Big Brekky. Billy, mate, your choice of breakfast is on point – herbed mushrooms, roast tomatoes, pork & fennel chipolatas, free-range bacon and poached eggs.


I didn’t even have time to spin every PokeStop in the area and catch all four Pidgeys because the food was served very quickly by a friendly long-haired dude wearing an infectious smile. Bonus points for that! Okay, this is a food-review-type post so I should rate the food. Look, I am not a food critic – I don’t have a matrix of criteria that I’ll bore you with so I will say exactly how the food tasted and felt as it made contact with my mouth. Like what you’d expect from grandma’s cooking, it was delicious. Seriously, the yolk on that poached egg was on the track-and-field team – it just ran. Just how I like the yolk on my eggs. Put that on freshly toasted bread and chuck on the bacon, mushroom and tomato, and that’s me sorted. Honestly, there is nothing I can point out to flaw about my big breakfast experience at Yocal.

So, if you’re looking for a place to stay warm and feel at home with an old friend or a loved one over good food, served to you with speed and a smile, Yocal Cafe is a place to consider. 


  1. Hi Our Summary!
    Sorry I’m late to the party. I own Yocal and love what you have to say about our place 🙂 I feel like you really get us! I would love to share your post on our Facebook page if you’re happy with that?
    Thanks for coming!

    1. Hello Leah!
      We are very happy to hear that, we really did enjoy our experience there! We would be more than glad for you to share our post of your Facebook page, go ahead. 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at our post.

      – Josephine

    1. Oh no! They must be a bit too large and aren’t loading properly. I’ll make a note to edit that.
      Haha! It is a mouthwatering image, I agree, I’m hungry every time I look at it. 😄

  2. I love the style of this new blog! And that food looks delicious. As someone who makes latkes myself (we serve them every Hanukkah) I can tell you that we don’t traditionally eat them with eggs 😂 And if you call them potato pancakes in front of many people I know there can be quite the argument. Potato pancakes are usually more of a Scandinavian dish so… Entirely different. Though everyone does make them in a varying way anyway…

    1. Thank you Tamara! The food was absolutely lovely.
      Oh really? Well this was my first ever encounter with one, so I don’t know much at all about them.
      Ah, I see! I’ll remember that. 😉

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