I am a skin care enthusiast and since the recent improvement in my skin, I’ve come to value and prioritize it much more. As much as I adore makeup, taking care of my skin has always and will always be a top priority for me because you could have the best makeup in the world, but if you don’t have good skin, you’re not going to get the results you want.

Last year, I struggled with acne. In 2014, I took a trip to Malaysia which basically caused my skin to erupt in clusters of red, lumpy pimples all over my cheeks. It wasn’t pretty! The worst part was that even when I got back to Australia, the problem lingered. I tried everything to cure the problem, jumping between many “acne treatment” skin care but nothing worked.

One day, a lovely woman from my church contacted me and asked if I wanted a free facial – who doesn’t want a free facial? So obviously I jumped right on that train. My best friend and I went over there to get our facial and it was there that we were introduced to Artistry. I’d known a bit about Artistry because I knew that my mum had worked with them when she was younger, selling and using their skin and makeup products. During the facial, she used Artistry products on my face, specifically from the Hydra-V line and afterwards, my skin felt and looked fantastic. I was so amazed that I was very tempted to buy the set. However, I waited for a while to think about it because it was definitely quite pricey. But eventually, I got it, because I knew that if I made this investment and it solved my skin, it would be all worth it!

And I have to say, after using it over the past year, it’s done wonders for my skin. I no longer suffer from the acne that I suffered from before purchasing the Artistry products.


My cheeks are now completely clear of the pimple problem I had, leaving behind only scars and pigmentation. I’m amazed that by using such gentle products such as the Artistry Hydra-V line, my skin has improved as much as it has. It’s definitely been an education process for me too. I want to briefly review each product I used to get my skin to the place where it is now:



This cleanser is a clear gel formula which is gentle and foams up slightly when it comes into contact with water – as the name suggests. It smells delicious and makes me feel like I am going for a spa session! It has no harsh acids that are usually found in acne treatment cleansers and at first, I was skeptical whether this would do anything for me, but it did. It left my skin feeling clean while not drying it out like other cleansers I had used in the past. 



This stuff just looks like plain old, boring water – and in a sense, it kind of is… but it’s not. It’s alcohol-free and free of all nasty chemicals that might do harm or dry out the skin. And it smells amazing. It does exactly what the name of the product is – it softens your skin and opens it up, ready to receive the moisturiser that comes next. For myself, it really helped to calm down the redness of my skin which tends to happen after I wash it. After using this, I refuse to go back to toners with alcohol in it. 



I’d never encountered a gel cream before this one and the first time I used it, I fell in love with it. It’s lightweight, cooling and my skin drank up the moisture immediately. I was told that gel creams were the best moisturisers to use for sensitive/acne-prone skin and I can completely agree with that. This gel cream sent moisture straight into my skin and I could physically see the difference in my skin as I continued to use it. The same thing with the toner – I refuse to use any other kind of moisturiser except gel creams!



I was also told during the skin facial that I had very dry eyes. I had never realised this, but when I began to use this eye-cream, I could see the differences it made to my eyes. I’d wake up and my under eyes would be less puffy and over time, less dark. As with everything else, this gel cream is gentle and doesn’t sting the eyes at all. 

Overall, the Hydra-V skin care line by Artistry was a great and successful investment. These gentle skin products nourish, hydrate the skin and is perfect for those with acne-prone skin. 

Have you heard of Artistry or tried out any of their products?
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